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World Biogas Expo 2022 – Recap

An exciting step on our ongoing journey to Renew the Future at the World Biogas Expo!

The opportunity to showcase at the ADBA World Biogas Expo 2022 was an invaluable experience and one that has already seen strong connections formed. It was great to talk to all who approached our stand over the two days, and spread the word of Fluid Renewables to a larger, worldwide audience in person.

BIOGAS Catalyst™, the bacterial additive for anaerobic digesters, was the main focus of our stand and a product we are hugely proud of. Our scientists and commercial personnel networked with other Biogas industry professionals to further embed Fluid Renewables into the Biogas culture and help inform the countless visitors of stand C401.

adba world biogas expo

The team on hand was able to perform real time quotes for prospecting Anaerobic Digester operators, giving predictions of Cost and ROI of their Digesters when using the BIOGAS Catalyst™ in a matter of moments. The quick and effective process impressed many and helped confirm a number of successful partnerships for AD Sites who will be using the BIOGAS Catalyst™ in the near future.

In addition to the team at the stand, our marketing banners also turned heads. Data sets from existing sites helped give insight into what the BIOGAS Catalyst™ could do for improving an AD Site. Many possible and future partners found themselves interested in the varied data sets and how the additive could perform a multi-role function to optimise their digester.

A bountiful experience, with industry leading professionals and technology, the ADBA World Biogas Expo 2022 was an event of high prestige. One we are proud to have been a part of and share the hall with other like-minded green energy companies striving to renew the future, and meet the goal of Net Zero.

If you missed out on visiting us during the Expo or were not able to attend, and would like to learn more about the BIOGAS Catalyst™ click here

Learn more about the World Biogas Expo 2022 HERE

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