Additive for Anaerobic Digesters to improve biogas production.

increase biogas production

BIOGAS Catalyst is a simple to use powder additive that is tailor designed to optimise biogas yield, specifically for use in anaerobic digesters.

biogas production increase

To put it simply...

Breaks down Biomass faster Releases more stored energy Increases Biogas production 10-30% Increases methane production in Anaerobic Digesters Decreases sludge waste volume Increases Biomass input capacity Reduces diesel costs  by Increasing reaction temperatures Natural bacteria, non-pathogenic and environmentally friendly Specifically tailored to your AD unit

What is
BIOGAS Catalyst?

Biogas Catalyst is a dual action product containing bacteria that secrete digestive enzymes and a mineral carrier to support bacterial colonisation.

What is
BIOGAS Catalyst used for?

To improve the breakdown of Biomass which increases Biogas yield and methanogenesis during AD. As the bacteria adapt, it is suitable across varying ranges of pH, temperature, and Biomass input.

How is
BIOGAS eco-friendly?

BIOGAS Catalyst is a non-pathogenic bacteria and inert carrier material that supports green energy in Biogas production.

Increasing CH₄ to improve BIOGAS production.

Probiotic Bacteria are supported by the mineral carrier to adapt, colonise and thrive within the AD, secreting hydrolytic enzymes that both speed up and release more stored energy from biomass and increase Biogas yield.

Stats are facts.


Corn silage & cattle slurry

The plants goal was to produce the same amount of Biogas using less substrate to reduce input expenditure.

The site successfully reduced feedstock levels by 7% corn silage and 5% cattle slurry. Additionally, the site not only sustained previous Biogas levels, it also gained an additional 5% Biogas output.


Food waste & cattle slurry

The plants goal was to optimise and increase Biogas yield using the same volume of feedstock.

We developed an effective dosing strategy to ensure effective bacterial colonisation. This included an initial slug dose followed by daily dosing administered by site staff to support continual increased Biogas production.

How to improve Biogas production?

1) Start off with an initial consultation with one of our scientists.

2) To meet your goals, we need to understand the relevant information of your particular AD process.

3) We can then identify the best regime suited to your digester and provide continuous support.

4) After, we then formulate a unique blend of product to cater to your goals for optimal Biogas production.

5) Our aftercare program puts our expert scientists at hand for quantifiable data analysis showcasing your progress.


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